Organic Servilleta Cheese - Quorum - The Spanish Fine Cheese

Organic Servilleta Cheese

Region: Castellón

Ripeness: 45 days


Weight: 1,1kg

Milk: Pasteurized goat’s milk

Packaging: Natural

Catí Organic Servilleta semi-soft cheese is made by traditional artisanal methods. Servilleta means “handkerchief” in Spanish: In the process the cheese master folds the curd in the handkerchief and ties the four corners together in the centre of the cheese, giving it its unique shape. The rustic exterior of this small hand-made cheese is coated with a brown mold. This ugly duckling on the outside has a stunning, silky white semi-hard interior. This is a delicate and elegant goat cheese, winner of several awards as best organic Spanish cheese.

The best way to enjoy Organic Servilleta is just with a fine glass of wine.

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