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Nevat Goat Spanish Cheese

Region: Cataluña

Ripeness: 1 month


Weight: 2,4kg/1,5kg (bar)/260g

Milk: Pasteurized goat’s milk

Packaging: Natural

Bonvallis Nevat Cheese is an artisanal soft-ripened goat cheese from Catalonia, made from pasteurized milk from local herds. Nevat cheese is hand-formed with a cheesecloth, producing a rounded square with a turned up point in the middle. Nevat, which means “snowy” in Catalan, owes its name to the white velvet mold of the rind fostered with penicillium candidum.

Bonvallis Nevat cheese has a beautiful white bloomy rind and a semi soft texture. The paste is pale ivory with fully developed, long-lasting flavor, delicate, rich and buttery with herbal notes and a sweet, mildly “goaty” tang.

This stunning moldy rind cheese is quite amazing; simply serve with fresh crusty bread, perhaps some fresh fruit and a bottle of chilled Cava from Catalonia.

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