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Murcia cured cheese (P.D.O.)

Region: Murcia

Ripeness: 4-6 months

PDO: Yes

Weight: 2kg/600g/wedges

Milk: Pasteurized goat’s milk

Packaging: Vacuum

Murcia Cured P.D.O. is a Spanish goat cheese produced in the region of Murcia, whose rich variety of grasses, shrubs and abundant wild herbs provides this cheese with a taste and aroma that could only come from the heart of Spain.

One could hardly imagine that the harsh climate of the Spanish interior could produce much at all, let alone such an extraordinary cheese. Its distinctive lemony-peppery flavor and supple satiny body have earned Murcia a place among Spain’s elite cheeses.

Murcia Cured produced in the same family-run dairy as our award-winning cheeses Murcia al Vino P.D.O., Rosemary goat cheese, Servilleta, Paprika Goat cheese and Caprisano with active bifidus.