La Chivita Cheese - Quorum - The Spanish Fine Cheese

La Chivita Cheese

Region: Asturias

Ripeness: 2 months


Weight: 1kg/400g/wedges

Milk: Raw goat’s milk

Packaging: Vacuum


La Chivita cheese is a delicious artisanal farmhouse cheese, made from the raw milk of Murciana goats. It is produced in Asturias and cured for 60 days.

The texture is elastic and slightly humid and the paste is of an ivory color. The flavor is intense, developed, slightly acidic and piquant. In the nose, it is lactic with strong notes of goat milk. The rind is naturally moldy.

La Chivita pairs well with all kinds of still white wines and full bodied red wines (Ribera del Duero and Toro), cider and high fermented beers as well as toasted and black beers.