Ibores Cheese (P.D.O.) - Quorum - The Spanish Fine Cheese

Ibores Cheese (P.D.O.)

Region: Extremadura

Ripeness: 3 months


Weight: 1kg

Milk: Raw goat’s milk

Packaging: Vacuum

Ibores cheese PDO is made in Extremadura, a land of extreme weather. Ibores cheese PDO is made from the raw milk of the SerranaVerata, and Retinta goat breeds.

Ripened for a minimum of 60 days, this unpasteurized goat milk cheese reflects its homeland’s character with its full, clean flavor, slightly acidic and slightly salty, and somewhat piquant due to the raw milk, especially when aged. Its buttery, creamy texture is very pleasant on the palate.

Ibores cheese PDO is traditionally brushed with olive oil (natural rind) or coated with paprika from La Vera, providing an orangey-red color to the rind.

Ibores cheese PDO is best appreciated enjoyed on its own, although it can also be enjoyed shaved on salads or over soups. Your favorite olives, a handful of Marcona almonds and a glass of Tempranillo also match perfectly.