Goat Cheese with Paprika - Quorum - The Spanish Fine Cheese

Goat Cheese with Paprika

Region: Murcia

Ripeness: 45 days


Weight: 2kg/600g/wedges

Milk: Pasteurized goat’s milk

Packaging: Vacuum


Made from pasteurized Murciano goat milk and then coated with paprika, this cheese has a very creamy, semi-soft texture and a nice aftertaste of sweet paprika. It is ripened for 30-45 days and has a low salt content.

Villa Vieja goat cheese with paprika is produced in the same dairy as our award-winning

Murcia al Vino PDO and Rosemary goat cheese as well as other interesting creations such as Servilleta and Caprisano Goat cheese with bifidus.