Goat Cheese from La Mancha - Quorum - The Spanish Fine Cheese

Goat Cheese from La Mancha

Region: Castilla La Mancha

Ripeness: 20 days


Weight: 3kg/1kg

Milk: Pasteurized goat’s milk

Packaging: Vacuum

This cheese is from the region of Toledo Mountains in La Mancha, produced using a special manufacturing process aimed at achieving the typical smell and unique flavor of goat milk, at once soft and buttery. It is also available with a coating of paprika that infuses the paste with the flavors and aromas of sweet peppers.

It is a firm goat cheese, especially recommended for people who are allergic to cow’s protein. This goat cheese is ideal as a starter, in salads, pasta or omelettes. It pairs well with white wines and young red wines.


Awarded the Bronze medal at 2014 World Cheese Awards.