Bonvallis Fig and Almonds Cake - Quorum - The Spanish Fine Cheese

Bonvallis Fig and Almonds Cake

Region: Madrid


Weight: 5kg/2,5kg/250g/180g

Packaging: Natural

Bonvallis Pan de Higo, meaning Fig Cake in Spanish, is a handcrafted traditional dry fruitcake made of the finest selected Spanish figs and almonds.  The natural sweetness of our Bonvallis Pan de Higo pairs ideally with cheese (especially medium-intense cheeses such as aged Manchego, Gouda or soft-ripened cheeses), foie-gras and pâté. It is also delicious simply on its own, as a perfectly healthy snack at any time of the day.

Bonvallis Fig and Almonds Cake has a high content of fiber, calcium and iron, while it has low levels of saturated fat and a very low salt content. It is all natural with no additives or preservatives and gluten-free.