Bonvallis Date and Walnuts Cake - Quorum - The Spanish Fine Cheese

Bonvallis Date and Walnuts Cake

Region: Madrid


Weight: 5kg/2,5kg/250g/180g

Packaging: Natural


Bonvallis Pan de Dátil, meaning Date Cake in Spanish, is a handcrafted traditional dry fruitcake made of the best dates of the Mediterranean region and the finest selected walnuts from California.  Only natural Deglet Noir dates, the best variety of dates, are used to produce this delicacy. The natural sweetness of our Bonvallis Pan de Dátil pairs ideally with cheese (especially blue and soft-ripened cheeses such as Valdeón, Roquefort, Gorgonzola or raw milk aged cheeses), foie-gras and pâté. It is also delicious simply on its own, as a perfectly healthy snack at any time of the day.

Bonvallis Date and Walnuts Cake has a high content of fiber, while it is low in saturated fat and very low in salt. It is all natural with no additives or preservatives and gluten-free.